Preservative for cosmetics Salimix MCI

We present to your attention Preservative for cosmetic products Salimix MCI

This preservative is available in liquid form and is a mixture of two active components - isothiazolinones in an aqueous solution:
- methylchloroisothiazolinone (CAS-number 26172-55-4),
- methylisothiazolinone (CAS-number 2682-20-4).
It is completely soluble in water, lower alcohols and glycols, partially soluble in hydrocarbon mixtures.


Microbiological efficiency:

The preservative is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and mold. It can be introduced into the final product at any stage of the manufacturing process, however early introduction is recommended to ensure the microbiological protection of the final product from the very beginning. Its effectiveness is reduced if bisulfites and secondary amines are present in the final product. The use of formaldehyde donors reduces the deactivation of the preservative by proteins.

Physical and chemical properties:

    Clear liquid
    Refractive index
    1.3350 — 1.3480
    Density ( 20°С ), g/cm3
    1,014 — 1,035
    Indicator of hydrogen ion concentration, units pH    
    Concentration of active substances (total)

General recommendations for the percentage of Preservative for cosmetics (Salimix MCI) in the final product:

The standard percentage of preservative addition is 0.05% by weight for leave-in products and 0.1% by weight for rinse-off products. Since the final product may contain a wide variety of components, tests are required to determine the effectiveness of the Preservative

General instructions for the introduction of Preservative for cosmetic products (Salimix MCI):

As a rule, an increase in temperature accelerates the decomposition of chemical components. Salimix MCI preservative is no exception in this case. It is recommended to avoid raising the temperature above 50°C at the stage of introducing the preservative into the product composition. The preservative is stable at a pH level not exceeding 8.0


It is recommended to store the preservative in its original container at room temperature.

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