Car shampoo for manual car washing

We offer you Car Shampoo for manual car washing

Concentrated liquid.
Water soluble, biodegradable.
The agent is chemically stable in water and in air, does not decompose with the release of harmful substances.
It is a non-flammable liquid.
According to the degree of impact on the human body, the product is classified as safe for health.
The substances which are a part of means, belong to the IV class of danger.
The tool does not have allergic and cumulative properties.
The agent does not leave streaks, does not destroy paint and varnish coatings, does not cause metal corrosion, adds shine and forms a protective film on the treated surface.
Professional neutral car shampoo for manual car washing is designed for gentle hand washing, it is safe for any car parts, including aluminum ones. Creates a rich, efficient lather that rinses off easily to leave a clean, streak-free, smooth surface.

Precautionary measures:

To prevent damage to the paintwork, it is recommended to use two sponges - one for dirty places (arches, thresholds), the other for clean ones (roof, doors, hood, etc.) - otherwise scratches cannot be avoided.
Always rinse the car before washing to wash off loose, abrasive dirt - small pebbles, sand, caked dirt. Otherwise, you will scratch the paintwork surface. Be sure to wipe the car dry after washing!!!
If you wash your car in the open air, dust and small coarse particles settle and stick to the wet surface.
Water contains minerals, in dissolved form they are safe, but after evaporation they turn into an abrasive.

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