About company

Aroma Ukraine LLC was founded in 2001. As a leading Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of fragrances, our company is well versed in all areas of practical knowledge required to create and promote new products, as well as opportunities to provide our customers with excellent service and products of the highest quality. Today, the company produces fragrances for all industries: fragrances for cosmetics, fragrances for household chemicals, fragrances for critical pH and fragrances for masking the smell of isopropyl alcohol, etc.
About the company

In a modern product, fragrance becomes a necessity, an indicator of the attractiveness and aesthetics of the product, rather than a luxury. Most modern consumer goods are unthinkable without the use of fragrances. As a private enterprise with an efficient corporate structure and new production technologies, Aroma Ukraine LLC presents its customers with the highest quality products. After all, excellent quality always generates good demand and makes the product more competitive and in demand in the market of goods and services.

Our main goal is to help your products become successful and find their customers. The Aroma Ukraine team is professional and fast. Dynamics and perseverance allowed the company to enter the world market and in a short time to gain a reputation as an honest and reliable partner. Become our customer and you will be convinced that LLC Aroma Ukraine is exactly the partner you


Because of advanced, modern technology and timely efficient organization, the production department is able to fulfill orders of any nature, both small and large.

The production shops are equipped with modern technological equipment and two special warehouses, one - warm, the other - cold, which allow you to store raw materials at the right temperature to ensure proper storage.