Polish for car interiors

We bring to your attention Polish for car interiors

Restores the original shine to all plastic, vinyl and rubber vehicle interior trims by creating a durable anti-static layer on the surface that repels dust and dirt.
The polish also allows you to create a matte finish.
Polishes not only improve the appearance of the part, but also create a film on its surface that protects the plastic from damaging ultraviolet rays. In addition, wetting plastics with silicone emulsion and plasticizers contained in these preparations restores dried plastic.
An important feature that many modern interior care products have is an antistatic effect that prevents dust from attracting to the treated part. This option of the drug is especially useful on hot days, when you often have to open windows in cars without air conditioning.
In addition to processing dashboards and other interior trim parts, other surfaces can also be cleaned with plastic polishes - unpainted bumpers, rubber and plastic moldings. Usually a good effect is obtained by polishing the “stocking” of the gearshift lever, regardless of the material from which it is made (leather, vinyl or rubber).
You should not use pure industrial silicone, which is sold in car markets, to give shine to the dashboard, although at first the surface covered with it shines dazzlingly.
Applied without solvents, this substance remains on the plastic in a thick, slow-drying layer, which quickly adheres to dust.
Recommendations for the use of polishes, as a rule, are similar.
The agent is either sprayed onto the surface and then rubbed with a soft cloth, or applied to the cloth and also rubbed.
The latter method is much more economical, although it takes more time.

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