Plasticizers for hard soap

"Plasticizer and antioxidant" for toilet and laundry soap

The plasticizer is a liquid of complex composition. Entering into the composition of the soap is carried out in an amount of 0.2-0.5%.
The product is a light yellow to light brown water soluble liquid. Designed to stabilize toilet and laundry soap, improves the mechanical processing of soap in its production.
The plasticizer is an important additive in toilet and laundry soaps. The use of a plasticizer in the composition of soap improves the consumer properties of soap - color, smell, plasticity, action on the skin. As a result of the use of a plasticizer, the process of soap rancidity is reduced, an unpleasant foreign odor, dark spots during storage of soap, cracks in soap are prevented, the smell of the fragrance used is better preserved, and it also contributes to a longer preservation of the original shape of the piece during its use.
The composition of this product includes plasticizers that improve the processing and plasticity of soap, as well as antioxidants that prevent soap from rancidity, antiseptics that increase the antiseptic properties of soap, as well as dietalonomy salts of citric and tartaric acids, Trilon-B, which binds impurities of heavy metals.
This product was launched by our company in 2005.
The advantage of working with a Ukrainian manufacturer gives you the opportunity to uninterruptedly receive the product in any batches in a short time.
The term of production and delivery of the product to the Recipient (if the application is placed in a timely manner) is 3-5 days.
At the request of the Customer, the product can be supplied in any container convenient for the Customer.